With SO many amazing places out there, it can be very overwhelming to decide where to go on your very first solo trip. I totally get it; I was you once. Let’s take a look at 25 of the best cities for first time solo travellers.

I’ve separated the list strategically so you can jump to your favourite area:

North America
Central America / Caribbean
South America


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1. Toronto, Canada

This is a no brainer, considering this is where I live. Even before I moved to the big city, I would often visit by myself and absolutely loved it. It was and still is my favourite solo female travel destination.

There’s just something about the buzz of downtown Toronto in the summer that I can’t get enough of. What the city lacks in the overall number of hostels in the downtown core, it more than makes up for in things to do on a budget in Toronto.


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Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square. Toronto is one of the best cities for first time solo female travelers.
Nathan Phillips Square


2. New York City, USA

A city of lights. A concrete jungle. Call it what you will, but New York City is a great destination for first time solo female travellers!

I’ve been in the Spring, Summer and even the Winter. The winter is definitely cold but don’t let that deter you from spending a few days wandering around Manhattan.

The cold months mean you get cheap solo travel deals. If you go around Christmas, expect the opposite of that. But ice skating in front of the tree in Rockefeller Square is really beautiful, just make sure you dress for the cold.

Summer in the Big Apple is unbeatable. I could walk for hours with no goal in mind at any time of day and not feel unsafe because in addition to being the “city so nice they named it twice”, it’s also the city that never sleeps so there are always people out.

Not sure where to stay? Q4 Hotel and Hostel in Long Island is awesome and there’s a subway station a couple blocks away that will have you in Times Square in 15 minutes.


Yellow taxis on a busy street in Manhattan. NYC is one of the best cities for first time solo female travelers.
The infamous yellow taxis of NYC


3. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Not a city per se, but a collection of towns surrounding Lake Atitlan. Pick any town and enjoy a few days of life along the water.

I picked San Pedro but you may prefer Panajachel or San Marcos. No matter where you end up, you can’t go wrong with backpacking alone to this part of Guatemala.

Book a hike up Indian Nose for a stunning sunrise. Amazing way to start the day! It’s only a 30 minutes hike, so it’s one of the best hikes for solo females who aren’t into morning cardio.

For those who prefer a more adventurous volcano trek, head to Volcan San Pedro. Guide not required but you may want to take a friend.

Don’t forget to try the tire swing. If it’s a clear day, photos of you swinging off the side of a volcano will look amazing!

Not sure where to stay? I stayed at Mr. Mullet’s and really enjoyed the vibe, location and set up.


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View of Volcan San Pedro across Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Lake Atitlan is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Lake Atitlan and Volcan San Pedro


4. La Fortuna, Costa Rica

One of the top hotspots in Costa Rica, and for good reason. It’s the perfect mix of jungle and volcano with just enough hustle and bustle to make it one of the best destinations for first time international travellers.

Stay at Arenal Container Hostel and enjoy being near the action, but not in the middle of it. It’s the perfect combination!

The most popular thing to do here is the Two Volcano Tour. You’ll end a full day of amazing sightseeing off with a wonderful soak in the natural hot springs.

More importantly, be sure to visit the Bogarin Trail. It was my favourite thing in La Fortuna, hands down!


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Arenal volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.
Arenal Volcano


5. Havana, Cuba

Cuba is so much more than all inclusive resorts on white sandy beaches. It’s a wonderful contrast of old and new, creating a unique culture and experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Havana is Cuba’s biggest city. There’s always something going on and it’s safe for solo female travellers who are backpacking the Caribbean. Plan to spend a few days here experiencing the local Cuban life before moving onto other parts of the island if you are backing Cuba solo.

Hostels aren’t very popular in Cuba and hotels are very expensive. Instead, stay at a casas particulares (a guest room in the home of a local family).

From exploring Old Havana on foot, to a driving around in a classic car, to a night out at Tropicana (such a fun, high energy show!), you can’t go wrong spending time in Havana for your first time travelling solo. It’s a fantastic city!

This comprehensive guide on backpacking Cuba is a great resource for planning for your first solo trip to Cuba.


Capitolio Nacional de La Habana in Havana Cuba. Havana is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Capitolio Nacional de La Habana


6. Santiago, Chile

Plain and simple…Chileans know how to have a good time. This means it’s super easy to meet people if you are travelling alone for the first time.

I had such an amazing time in Santiago, I am itching to go back!

Hopefully, you have clearer weather than I did. It was hazy when I travelled through Santiago, so I didn’t get the iconic, contrasting photos of a bustling city with the Andes mountains in the background.

Either way, Santiago has a peaceful vibe to it, and it doesn’t feel like a city of over six million people at all.

Until the sun goes down. If you love nightlife, Santiago is your city!

I stayed at Rado Hostel. This is one of my favourite hostels of all time. Expect a lively area, loads of restaurants, bars, clubs, and a central location meaning you can walk almost anywhere.

Take a walking tour (watch for the building that looks like an old cell phone, and Chile’s largest flag in Plaza de la Ciudadanía), hike Cerro San Cristobel, or wander through El Cemetario General for a look back in time.

No matter what you enjoy doing, you can’t go wrong with Santiago as a first time solo female traveller!


Plaza de la Ciudadanía on a beautiful day. Santiago, Chile is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Plaza de la Ciudadanía


7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina. The birth place of the tango. The Argentinians are such a proud, hospitable crowd that Buenos Aires is definitely on of the top cities for first time solo female travellers.

A big sprawling city with many barrios (neighbourhoods), it’s easy to spend a few days here absorbing the local culture and vibe.

Take a walking tour and see some amazing history, try some local treats, and end up at the infamous Recoleta Cemetery.

Or, forget the tour and just wander around. Just make sure you end up at El Cuartito for at least one meal.

Naturally, everyone wants to see Buenos Aires most colourful neighbourhood – La Boca. It’s a fantastic area, but don’t get lost in the notoriously unsafe neighbourhoods surrounding La Boca, like I did. Thanks to a local woman who pointed me in the right direction, nothing happened. Still, it was definitely a lesson on safety as a solo female traveller.


Colourful buildings in La Boca. Buenos Aires is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
La Boca, the most colourful neighbourhood in Buenos Aires


8. Rome, Italy

A capital European city so rich in history, the modern day has no choice but to build itself up and around the ruins of the past. The beautiful contrast of past and present mean that your first trip to Italy will be unforgettable. You will no doubt fall in love with solo female travel in Italy as much as I have.

I’ve stayed in posh little hotels near the Colosseum and budget hostels beside Roma Termini (the main train station). Both are perfectly fine, which is great if you are backpacking Italy on a budget. You’ll be so busy exploring one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, you won’t be in your room much anyway.

Rome is one of my favourite cities to put down the map and get lost in. I’ve walked from sun up to sun down and was never bored.

From Vatican City to the Colosseum and the Pantheon. From Trevi Fountain to stunning piazza after piazza. With food that will make you go weak in the knees, the Italians will have you falling in love with their culture and city and planning a trip back before you can whisper ciao!


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The Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Rome is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
The Colosseum


9. Paris, France

Paris has the reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in Europe. But the city of lights can be done on a budget with a bit of research.

Stay in a hostel with a kitchen. Visit some of the crepe stands around the city for a cheap and delicious meal on the go. How about a visit to a local grocery store, followed by a picnic in the park overlooking the Eiffel Tower while exploring Paris alone?

If a birds eye view of the city from atop the Eiffel Tower is on your list, purchase tickets ahead of time. They are often booked well in advance, especially during busy season (May – September).

If you enjoy museums, the Louvre will be on your radar. I was underwhelmed by the Mona Lisa, but the museum itself is very beautiful. You may even be able to get free entrance. Refer to the museums’ website here to see if you are eligible.

Like many European cities, Paris is highly walkable. What better way to explore a city than on foot? For those attractions that are too far to walk, Paris’s subway system is easy to navigate, clean and safe.

The list of things to do in Paris is never ending. Travelling to Paris alone as a solo female traveller is a wonderful and safe experience you won’t soon forget!


The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Paris is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
The Eiffel Tower


10. Vienna, Austria

If you are backpacking Austria, Vienna is easy to explore on a shoestring budget and is a perfect city for any first time solo traveller.

There are two Wombat’s hostels in Vienna. I stayed at the Naschmarkt location and really liked it. Even though there is a subway station across the street, I explored Vienna mostly on foot.

For great local food, try one of the many stalls at the Naschmarkt (conveniently across the street from Wombat’s).

Want to see a ballet or opera at the Vienna State Opera but are backpacking Europe on a budget? Arrive 90 minutes early and buy a standing room ticket for 3 euro. This is how I saw my very first ballet.

Other things to do in Vienna include exploring the grounds of the Schonbrunn Palace, and Belvedere Palace – both are beautiful. If you are a horse lover, check out the tour of the Spanish Riding School. I loved it, the horses are just stunning!


The The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.
The Kunsthistorisches Museum


11. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a backpacker budget friendly city with medieval architecture and a wonderful vibe.  Stroll across the Charles Bridge and wander around the hilltop castle. Prague is a very walkable city, perfect for first time solo travellers to get out and explore a new place.

Don’t miss the beautiful clock tower in the Old Town Square. But do mind your things when you are watching this “astronomical” time piece. Pick pockets may prey on the fact that your attention is diverted.

And of course, you can’t say you backpacked the Czech Republic if you didn’t have at least one beer. Beer is basically a food group in Prague. There are many beer gardens throughout the city, one of the most popular being Letna Park because of the great city views.

I stayed at Hostel Downtown and highly recommend it. It has a very social atmosphere, the beds are super comfortable and the whole place is clean and safe. I’ll go back in a heartbeat next time I’m travelling solo in the Czech Republic.


Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Charles Bridge


12. Budapest, Hungary

A fun city popular among backpackers in Europe, Budapest has a wide variety of things to do for every type of solo female traveller.

Budapest is known for its beautiful thermal baths and spas. In the summer during the day, this place is absolutely fantastic and I definitely recommend a visit.

However, I also visited Szechenyi Bath for a New Year’s party and do NOT recommend this for women travelling in Budapest. My friend and I spent the evening fending off wandering hands under the water.

Enjoy exploring Budapest on foot with a walking tour or on your own. Every Budapest guide and blog will tell you not to miss the chain bridge, the Shoes on the Danube memorial and the Citadella. They are right!

If you’re animal lover, the Cat Cafe is a fun experience. If cafe’s aren’t your thing, maybe ruin bars are? Budapest is full of em, the most popular being Szimpla Ruin. Spend the evening in an old factory converted into a bar with a funky, lively atmosphere and enjoy a drink. Or seven. Whatever.

I stayed at Maverick City Lodge. The location is absolutely perfect and the bunks are some of the best I’ve seen yet, but the showers were awful. Depending on your needs and wants when it comes to budget accommodation in Hungary, this may impact your decision to stay here.


The Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Parliament buildings in Budapest


13. Athens, Greece

Athens has successfully created the perfect union between ancient history and modern day that cannot be rivalled, making it one of the best cities for solo travellers to visit.

Although popular for its economic drama, backpacking Greece on a budget is even more popular. From rich history to amazing food to excellent nightlife, experiencing Athens on a budget is completely doable!

With incredible sites like the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, The Parthenon and the Olympic Stadium, solo travellers can’t help but be impressed by the amount of history here, and the modern city that has built itself around it.

Whether you are coming onto the mainland from the islands via ferry, or leaving Greece via Athens International Airport (I did both), getting around the city on public transportation is really easy with a clean, safe and modern subway system.


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The Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Athens is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
The Parthenon


14. London, UK

I spent a week in London and feel like I barely scratched the surface. It’s one of those cities you can return to again and again and never experience the same thing twice. Though not the cheapest city in Europe, it is entirely possible to see London on a budget.

I stayed in Kensington and either walked or took the tube to get everywhere. Here’s a big plus for that backpacking budget – most of the museums and galleries are FREE in London, making it the perfect city for the first time solo female traveller on a budget.

I am not a museum person so I opted for the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. All three were fantastic!

Note that you can only go into Buckingham Palace in the summer months, and entrance isn’t exactly cheap. I splurged and do not regret it one bit.

I had a picnic lunch in Trinity Square Park one day, which is just beautiful. Another day, I spent an afternoon exploring Camden Market. I had a great time wandering around looking at all the different stalls and sampling snacks as I went.


Red phone booths in London, England. London is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Infamous phone booths in London.


15. Helsinki, Finland

Here’s a fun fact – Helsinki is the most northern capital of over one million people in the world.

Although backpacking in Finland is not cheap, it’s definitely worth stopping over for a couple days to explore before heading off to cheaper European countries like Estonia or Latvia.

A common question asked of solo female travellers is, ‘what is there to do in Helsinki’? Travellers don’t go to Helsinki to check popular tourist sties off a bucket list.

Instead, solo travellers go to Helsinki for the experience, the food and the people. Finns are known to be some of the friendliest in Europe. Two days here and you’ll have new BFFs for life.

Finland is also known for its sauna culture. They’ll be everywhere. Embrace it and enjoy it. Also don’t forget to stop by Senate Square (this is where Helsinki Cathedral is).

If checking out the area surrounding Helsinki sounds like your thing, take a ferry to one of the islands for an afternoon. Soumenlinna and Lonna are popular and awesome to see.


Helsinki Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Helsinki Cathedral


16. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is probably the best city in the world to experience true pub culture. Spend a weekend in Dublin enjoying a Guinness or two. I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

Perhaps even take a self guided tour of the Guinness Storehouse to learn about that pint you’re enjoying?

With an incredibly rich history – complete with vikings! – Dublin is clearly a medieval lovers dream. One of the most popular things to do while backpacking in Dublin is to join a free walking tour to get the lay of the land.

After a late night, why not spend an afternoon lounging around in one of the many vibrant, lush, green spaces throughout the city of Dublin. Phoenix Park is the biggest and most popular.

If historical library’s are your thing, you’ll definitely want to stop by the library at Trinity College. It’s basically the mother of all libraries. What better way to spend a cool or rainy morning as a solo female traveller in Ireland?

To stick to your travel budget, make sure you stay in a place that has a kitchen. Food will likely be your biggest expense in Dublin.


A bridge in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
One of the many bridges in Dublin.


17. Lisbon, Portugal

A beautiful city along the ocean makes for amazing scenery and fresh air. Lisbon is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers to explore a new place alone.

Known as the city of hills, it may seem intimidating at first. Strap on comfortable shoes and explore neighbourhoods like Belem and Alfama, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start backpacking solo earlier.

A popular and budget friendly thing to do in Lisbon is to watch the sunset from one of the many amazing viewpoints.

Or, head to the beach and try your luck at surfing (or watching – definitely my choice!). How about spending an afternoon exploring Sao Jorge Castle – this is also where you’ll get the best views of the city.

Want to keep your food costs down while backpacking in Portugal but still want to eat like a local? Try a taberna. It’s a traditional restaurant owned by locals, so you know the food will be amazing. Order the bacalhau but save room for dessert. You can’t leave Portugal without trying a pasteis de natas.


Parc Eduardo VII in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Parc Eduardo VII


18. Edinburgh, Scotland

Though part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is decidedly different. The Scots are very proud of the capital city of Edinburgh, and with good reason.

Rich in history and the arts, Edinburgh is the epicentre of Scottish culture. Backpacking Scotland is a safe, budget friendly option for solo female travellers on their first international vacation.

The National Museum, the Scottish National Galleries and St. Giles Cathedral are all free. For a fantastic view of the city, hike up to Arthur’s Seat. Also for great views, climb the Scott Monument.

On cold days, warm up with a scotch tasting tour or a haunted Edinburgh tour.

If you aren’t travelling to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, avoid the month of August. This 3-week festival will see prices skyrocket, and there goes your backpacking travel budget.


Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Edinburgh Castle


19. Luang Prabang, Laos

I loved everything about Luang Prabang. It is much friendlier, safer and more interesting than the capital, Vientiane. Solo female travellers backpacking Southeast Asia should definitely add this wonderful city to their travel itinerary.

One of the most popular things to do in Luang Prabang is to give morning alms (sai bat) to the local monks. Please be respectful of the culture and practice. This is not a tourist attraction, but a longstanding buddhist tradition.

Utopia bar is the perfect place to meet people when travelling solo for the first time. When it closes, share a tuk tuk with your new friends to the bowling alley on the outskirts of the city and keep the party going.

Watch out for that Laotian beer though, it will give you an awful hangover. So I’ve heard. 😐

Laos is known for beautiful waterfalls, and Luang Prabang is no exception. Take a tuk tuk to Kuang Si or Tad Thong outside of town. If you only have time for one, Kuang Si is the one you want. It is a series of terraced pools with brilliantly blue water that you can swim in.

Hike up Mount Phousi in the middle of town for a great sunset view. Then head to the night market for cheap eats and shopping.

You may leave with many beautiful handmade scarves. So I’ve heard. 😉


Monks receiving morning alms in Luang Prabang, Laos. Luang Prabang is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Giving Alms


20. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia blew my mind. The rich ancient history of Angkor is incredible and unlike anywhere else in the world. It is definitely one of the best cities for solo travellers.

Chances are, you are in Siem Reap for the Angkor temples. Depending on your travel speed, this can take anywhere from one to five days. I am a naturally fast traveller and was happy with three.

It is ridiculously hot in Siem Reap, so you will likely do most of your temple exploring very early in the morning and will want to relax at your hostel during the afternoon hours. I have very fond memories of eating amazing food poolside at my hostel with the most random group of fellow backpackers from all over the world.

If the steep entrance price to Angkor doesn’t fit your Southeast Asia backpacking budget, look into Banteay Chhmar as an alternative.

There are things to do in Siem Reap other than Angkor Wat. For example, when the sun goes down in Siem Reap, Pub Street comes to life. This little stretch of lively bars, restaurants and shops deserves at least one evening. Also stop by the Old Market or in the shops alone and surrounding Pub Street.


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An ancient temple in Angkor Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Siem Reap is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Angkor Park


21. Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand. The land of smiles. I adore this country.

A fast paced and noisy city with incredible street food, amazing shopping and a vibrant culture, the capital city of Bangkok knocked my socks off and I can’t wait to go back.

I didn’t stay in the popular backpacker hub of Khao San Road. Instead I splurged and stayed at Bangkok City Hotel, a very clean and modern hotel near MBK Center. After two months of dorm rooms all over Southeast Asia, it was a godsend.

I did visit Khao San though, because every solo traveller backpacking through Thailand has to at least once. It’s exactly as you would expect. I did have some good Pad Thai and experience my first fish foot spa though.

The Grand Palace will blow your mind and is a must see. The intricacy of millions upon millions of vibrantly coloured tiles!

Another popular thing to do in Bangkok is to watch a Muay Thai boxing fight. But my favourite was to sit back and watch entire neighbourhoods transform into busy restaurants and shopping markets once the sun goes down.

Also known as the Venice of the east, Bangkok has an intricate waterway. Hop on a boat and see the city from a different perspective while avoiding some of the noise and traffic congestion of the city. Win win!


Was Arun in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is one of the best cities for first time solo female travellers.
Wat Arun


22. Singapore, Singapore

That’s not a type-o. Yes, the capital city has the same as the state.

The Singapore airport (Changi Airport) alone will wow as soon as you step off the plane. As one of the best cities for solo travellers, Singapore is spotlessly clean and very high tech, making the entire city is unlike anywhere else.

Singapore on a budget is not entirely a fable, though you will spend more money here than other cities in Southeast Asia. Singapore can still be done on a backpacker’s travel budget because some of the best things to do here are…FREE.

Wander through the different neighbourhoods, like Little India, Bugis and Chinatown.

Sometimes called the Garden City, the gardens in Singapore aren’t your average gardens! Check out Gardens by the Bay or the Singapore Botanical Gardens for a surreal experience.

If shopping and nightlife are on your radar, head to Orchard Road (although this area may not for those on a strict budget).

If you’re a foodie, the hawker stalls at the Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown are your go to. Sample many asian cuisines at cheap prices – music to any solo female traveller’s ears!


Bay Park, Singapore
Bay Park, Singapore


23. Tokyo, Japan

Don’t underestimate the size of Tokyo when you are backpacking Japan alone – it’s HUGE! With somewhere around 10 million people spread across 48 some odd neighbourhoods, Tokyo is a mega city.

Try not to get overwhelmed when you first start researching where to stay in Japan on a budget. With a bit of research, the right area for you will show itself to you.

As a first time visitor, you may want to look at Shinjuku. This neighbourhood is central and has a bit of everything so it is a good base for solo female travellers.

No matter what area you choose, there is a never-ending list of things to do across the greater Tokyo area.

If you like people watching and can’t go without your caramel macchiato with extra milk, there is a Starbucks right at Shibuya with perfect views of the intersection. Shibuya is known to be the busiest intersection in the world, and is certainly a site to see.

Harajuku is another famous area and should not be missed. Visit Yoyogi Park on a weekend when the locals, dressed in eye catching outfits, come out in full force.

Be sure to actually plan your visit to Tokyo, so you can maximize your time here. If you try to wing it, you’ll waste a lot of time commuting back and forth and spending extra money. In such an expensive city, this can put a big dent in your backpacking Asia budget.


Asakusa Temple, Tokyo Japan
Asakusa Temple, Tokyo


24. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I didn’t know there was an art to crossing the street. Then I went to Vietnam. This is easily one of the best cities for solo travellers.

In the capital city of Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon), you either learn fast…or are the reason people swerve and fall off their scooters. My learning style was to stand next to a local and move when they moved. Don’t worry, they know what you’re doing and most will help you when it’s time to move.

Shopping at the markets is something everyone backpacking Vietnam should experience at least once. I found the stall owners at Ben Thahn Market to be the most aggressive, and the Russian Market were the most pleasant.

A city wide view from atop the Bitexco Financial Tower is a great way to see watch the sunset over the city. From this height, you’ll watch the sun go down and the city come alive.

If you’re a history buff, the War Remnants Museum is a good way to see the war from the Vietnamese’ perspective. And, If you want to get away from the city, a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels is an interesting way to spend a day. There’s even a shooting range, if that’s your thing. I shot an AK47 and learned guns are definitely not my thing.


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
View of Ho Chi Minh City at sunset from the Bitexco Financial Tower


25. Taipei, Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is compact and well connected, with Taipei at the heart of it all, making this one of the best cities for solo travellers on their first international trip. Is Taiwan expensive for backpackers? Sure. Like any place, it can be. But with a bit of planning, it’s easy to spend a few days in Taipei and stay well within your backpacking travel budget.

The Taiwanese are a friendly bunch who love the market culture, even more so at nighttime. The biggest is the Shilin Market. Bring your appetite and curiosity and watch everything unfold around you.

If you want to escape the city and go for a hike, Elephant Mountain is the one to do. Yangmingshan National Park is also very popular because it also has hot springs.

Want a birds eye view of Taipei? Taipei 101 has an observation deck with amazing views.

Interested in trying some water activities while travelling solo to Taiwan? Why not try cycling (Taiwan’s cycling paths cover over 3,000km!). How about river trekking, which is quickly becoming the most popular thing to do in Taiwan.


Chung Cheng, Taipei


The list of amazing cities to see around the world as a solo traveller goes on and on. Is your favourite on this list? Are there other cities that you would you consider to be one of the best cities for solo travellers?


A comprehensive list of the best cities for solo travel for both men and women. Inspirational travel tips and destination ideas. From Europe to North America and Asia, this ultimate list of the best cities for backpacking is perfect for first time solo female travellers. Japan, Thailand, Paris, Italy, Canada, USA, Scotland, London


A comprehensive list of the best cities for solo travel for both men and women. Inspirational travel tips and destination ideas. From Europe to North America and Asia, this ultimate list of the best cities for backpacking is perfect for first time solo female travellers. Japan, Thailand, Paris, Italy, Canada, USA, Scotland, London
A comprehensive list of the best cities for solo travel for both men and women. Inspirational travel tips and destination ideas. From Europe to North America and Asia, this ultimate list of the best cities for backpacking is perfect for first time solo female travellers. Japan, Thailand, Paris, Italy, Canada, USA, Scotland, London
A comprehensive list of the best cities for solo travel for both men and women. Inspirational travel tips and destination ideas. From Europe to North America and Asia, this ultimate list of the best cities for backpacking is perfect for first time solo female travellers. Japan, Thailand, Paris, Italy, Canada, USA, Scotland, London

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