I started OneCanadianPassport in 2018, and proudly maintain a positive and interactive relationship with my audience that fosters trust, friendship and inclusivity.



One Canadian Passport is seen in  87 countries worldwide. The biggest audiences are: 

USA: 33%
Canada: 19% 

My audience is: 

73% female
27% male 

The breakdown of my audience is: 

18-34 years: 61%
35-54 years: 28%
55+ years: 11% 



My social media presence reaches an  audience of over 340,000  across all platforms, and these numbers continue to grow daily. A partnership can help put your brand in front of multiple audiences across various platforms. 

Pinterest: 190k monthly unique visitors
TripAdvisor: 145k monthly readership
Instagram: 8k followers
Twitter: 1k followers
Facebook: 235 friends and followers
TikTok: 8k followers


Carrie N.
6 Belsize Drive, Suite 124
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4S 1L4

Email: [email protected]


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